Het Laatste Nieuws

The most widely read newspaper in Flanders

With over one million readers, Het Laatste Nieuws is the most widely read newspaper in Flanders. Its readership has grown almost continuously for the last 15 years, a unique achievement in Western Europe.

Het Laatste Nieuws is a family newspaper. Each day, Het Laatste Nieuws starts with a generous dose of general news. Further on, the newspaper splits into 20 regional editions. So each reader gets familiar news from their own area. Het Laatste Nieuws also has a expanded sports section and the largest sports reporting team in Flanders.

On Saturday, Het Laatste Nieuws is a newspaper for the whole family. It contains two sections of general news and thought-provoking features, a full sports section, more regional news and four extra supplements. For the kids there is a separate booklet from Studio 100, the successful children's entertainment company. Not forgetting NINA, the glossy magazine for the trendy, fashion-conscious woman.

Het Laatste Nieuws has invested in its editorial team for many years. The journalists believe in the newspaper and know what is going on in Flanders. The editorial team is also surrounded by an impassioned sales and promotional service and an ambitious technical crew.

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Sale of Flemish newspapers 2012

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