De Persgroep Distributie

De Persgroep Distributie is part of de Persgroep Nederland and consists of the Logistics (transport and delivery) and Logistics Support departments.

Under the slogan ‘Putting the right newspaper in the right letterbox at the right cost’, de Persgroep Distributie delivers around 1.2 million newspapers each day, including for de Persgroep Nederland.

Key figures

Key figures 2010

1,2 million
Newspapers are delivered each day by our logistical network throughout the Netherlands

max. 3‰
3 complaints per 1,000 is an exceptionally low figure that demonstrates the reliability of our service

90 minutes
The time taken by an average newspaper round in the Netherlands. In rural areas this means 80 newspapers and in urban areas 200 or more

Staff take distribution to a higher level each day


Board of directors

Rudy Bertels, Chief Operations Officer De Persgroep
Gerda van der Poel, Directeur Général de Persgroep Distribution