MEDIALAAN is the parent company of the television and radio brands VTM, Q2, Vitaya, CAZ, Q-music and JOE. The name refers on the one hand to the physical location where the company is located (at 1 Medialaan in Vilvoorde), while on the other hand, it is primarily a symbolic location. Medialaan is an avenue (‘laan’) where fine buildings are situated. Buildings in which radio and TV is created and all of which is part of the hearts and minds of the Flemish people. MEDIALAAN is a world where talent and ideas enhance each other. 

The baseline ‘Maak het Mee’ (Experience it) applies to all the viewers and listeners who enjoy our brands, to employees who literally experience our brands, and to all potential partners involved in the story of MEDIALAAN.


Peter Bossaert - CEO
Erwin Deckers - CCO
Dirk Lodewyckx – CMO
Nathasja Van Bael  – CFO
Ricus Jansegers -  TV Programming Director
Ben Appel – Director Business & Legal Affairs HR
Frank Mathys – Technical Director
Ben Jansen – Commercial Director 
Kris Hoflack - General Editor-in-Chief
Herbert Van Hove - Director Mobile & Innovation

TV Bastards

Gert Verpeet, General Director


TvBastards TvBastards is MEDIALAAN's internal production house, whose responsibilities include the production of Familie. Other production units that fall under TvBastards include Shelter (known from Safety First) and Operatie Koekoek (known from Wauters vs Waes).
Stievie With the Stievie app on your tablet or smartphone you can watch ten Flemish channels. Both live and delayed! Swiping between the various channels to find programmes and even excerpts is simple and fast. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, select excerpts and share, etc.

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Medialaan 1
1800 Vilvoorde

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