De Persgroep: largest Dutch media house according to Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia (NOM) [National Multimedia Research] Media Brands

ADR Nieuwsmedia and AD are the biggest news brands in the Netherlands according to the NOM Media Brands survey 2017. NOM Media Brands has compiled the data from the NOM Print Monitor and the Nederlands Online Bereiksonderzoek (NOBO) [Dutch Online Reach Research] reach data of websites and apps in an extensive merged file. 

De Persgroep is the largest media house in the Netherlands, with 3 spots in the top 5: ADR Nieuwsmedia (1), AD (2) and de Volkskrant (5), and reaches 36% of all Dutchmen daily. ADR Nieuwsmedia is the largest with a monthly reach of over 9.5 million people, and no fewer than 4.2 million people daily. AD reaches 7.4 million people monthly, which is more than 50% of Dutchmen aged 13 and over. AD reaches more than 2.3 million people daily. Volkskrant follows with a reach of 4.4 million per month, good for 5th place in the rankings. 

Erik Roddenhof (CEO, de Persgroep): “The new NOM survey shows that our news media claim a very sound spot in the media landscape. Print is still far from dead. It is still very much available, read and appreciated. Readers know how to find us daily through various platforms. This is something we have known for a long time and are working hard at. That news media are more vibrant than ever before, is now confirmed by these figures and there is no way around it.” 

About NOM Media Brands 2017

By order of NOM, GfK has, in cooperation with VINEX, integrated the reach data of NOM Print Monitor (NPM) and NOBO in one file for the first time. In addition to the reach of 154 print brands and 88 digital brands, the combined print and digital brands are also included. These are 45 brands which disseminate their content both on paper and on digital platforms. The results give insight into how many people read the paper version only, how many visit the website or app, and how many people consume the brand in both ways. 

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