Het Parool reborn! New in form and content

On 10 February 2016, the day of its 75th anniversary, Het Parool is to be reborn: a new paper (with new logo), a new website, app and the introduction of various new headings and pages.

Het Parool is getting a makeover in form and content. The content of the news brand is to change on many fronts, with a number of new columnists and headings added, including a supplement on the media and the new economy. The website and the app have also been revamped. The digital environment focuses on Greater Amsterdam, whereas the paper will adopt a broader perspective on Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and more so than before, on the rest of the world: in a word, an Amsterdam world paper.

The basic colours chosen are black and white: colour will come primarily from photography.

The taut style harks back to the old, massive papers from the Fifties and Sixties. The paper moreover has a clear, new layout. The website, on the other hand, looks decidedly more modern and is characterised by a conveniently structured menu with plenty of room for the latest (Amsterdam) news.

Editor in chief Ronald Ockhuysen: ‘The newspaper must provide an emphatically different sort of experience precisely in these digital times when everyone is looking at their telephone. We at Het Parool are proud to see the paper reborn on its 75th birthday.’  


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