Medialaan and de Persgroep Publishing are focusing on online with the establishment of an integrated saleshouse and a joint data team

Media behaviour is changing fast due to digitisation. Mass media are experienced both offline and online. It's logical that this affects advertising markets.

Medium first becomes audience first, and broad communication goes hand in hand with a specific, personalised approach.

One cross-media saleshouse

In this new world, Medialaan and de Persgroep Publishing will unite their expertise and brands into one integrated, cross-media saleshouse. Medialaan and de Persgroep Publishing will establish a 50/50 joint venture that will operate from Vilvoorde under the leadership of Ben Jansen, the current commercial director at Medialaan. The new organisation will take shape in the coming weeks; we intend to be fully operational as one saleshouse from 1 January 2018.

Ben Jansen: “As a Belgian company, we have a unique position in the online market due to this integrated approach. Every day millions of Flemings find our online media. We offer our advertisers a large, targeted reach in a safe content and communication environment. Moreover, the joint venture will pursue a united policy regarding ad standards, ad verification, ad tools and ad technology. This will make the joint venture a competitive and attractive saleshouse for our advertisers in the online world.”

Barbara Vangheluwe, commercial director at de Persgroep Advertising: “Our media and our brands are complementary. Thanks to this joint venture, we will be better able to tell creative stories, in collaboration with our customers and with more impact, because we can offer a wide range of media and brands.”

Investing in high-quality data together

Having high-quality data determines your success in the online world. It gives media the opportunity to draw up a relevant portfolio for the consumer and the advertiser. Medialaan and de Persgroep Publishing are very complementary in this area and both companies will invest together in a unique, local data team.

This new initiative, called Trinity, will start soon. In addition to the saleshouse, it will have a crucial place in the joint venture. Nils van Dam will lead the data team. He has lots of management and marketing experience at Unilever, AB Inbev and Censydiam. Now he'll be working for Trinity as a consultant. He combines experience with passion for digitisation, new business models and big data.

Nils van Dam: “A combination of data intelligence and strong brands has become a necessity for a sustainable business model. Trinity will be an essential cornerstone in the new story.”  

This will be realised with respect for the media consumer, who increasingly prefers personalised content and advertising. Fitting in current and new rules related to the protection of personal data is also an integral part of this.

Major ambitions in online world

Medialaan and de Persgroep Publishing highlight their ambitions in the online world with this joint venture.

Peter Bossaert, CEO Medialaan: “Medialaan has been focused on online for years. Starting up this cross-media saleshouse and Trinity, the joint data team, is an important and necessary step towards achieving our ambitions in the online world. As local players, we think we'll take a giant leap forward in serving our online advertisers and consumers.”

Koen Verwee, CEO de Persgroep Publishing: “I am very enthusiastic about the possibilities that the unified saleshouse creates; we'll be able to offer answers to the changing needs of advertisers both online and offline. Now more than ever, advertisers want to reach their target group with creative, customised solutions. Our joint venture will be the perfect discussion partner for realising that.”